The Sky Is Falling! – Even the Baptists Are Losing People

Okay. Maybe it’s not that bad. Still, it is news when even the Southern Baptists are reporting three consecutive years of membership decline. You can read the article here at the Christian Post.

Mind you, their losses are far more moderate than ours. But, it’s nice to know it’s not just us. The United Methodist Church and the rest of the mainline are no longer alone. Even the highly evangelistic and decline-resistant Southern Baptists are slowly hemorrhaging members. Even they are losing people.

All of which raises the question: Why?

Has the cultural tide just changed that dramatically that Christianity in general is shifting to a true minority status?

Or are we doing church in ways that no longer communicate the faith in meaningful ways, and that’s coming back to haunt us?

What churches are still growing: mainline, evangelical, or otherwise? And why? What are they doing right that so many of the rest of us seem to miss?

If even the Baptists are having to wrestle with these questions, it’s time to find an answer. After all, the sky is falling …


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